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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragments From My Retreat

Here is a sampling of the notes which I took at the Communion and Liberation retreat this past weekend:

"To be a cog in the wheel of the powers that be requires our complicity." -Fr. Julian Carron

"The powers that be can atrophy the heart." -Fr. Stefano Colombo

"We learn from experience." -Hannah Arendt

"It's more interesting to be companions on a journey than accomplices in a temporary pleasure." -Fr. Julian Carron

"I discovered myself to be a need without an end." -Fr. Julian Carron

"I no longer want to live as if I had a flat EKG." -Fr. Julian Carron

"That longing and sadness is better than a cheap satisfaction." -Fr. Julian Carron

"That eternal happiness and justice exists is more important than my own happiness." -Fr. Julian Carron

"Sin is not something; it is the lack of something." -Fr. Stefano Colombo

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